John Wick versus Mike Banning( English version)

« John Wick versus Mike Banning »

This fiction is inspired by an Internet user who had proposed an interesting debate in the form of a challenge: Lex Luthor hires John Wick to eliminate President Benjamin Asher and the hitman manages to infiltrate the White House. But he ran into Mike Banning on his way.

Who of John Wick or Mike Banning would emerge victorious from this duel?

Here is my version of the challenge. As for the winner… . 😉

Disclaimer :

The characters from the Lucifer series, the Avengers, Star Trek: Enterprise, John Wick and the « Fallen » saga belong to their respective creators.

I do not derive any financial benefit from this fiction.

This fiction closes the series « Univers Redemption ». Many thanks to those who have followed and read this series.

A special thanks for Mendenbar01!

The rain, cold and torrential, as well as the furious wind and lightning, added a dramatic and sinister note to this night where the Moon, masked by heavy and threatening clouds, diffused a whitish glow.

Mike, dressed in battle dress (Kevlar and a belt full of ammunition), carefully walked along a dark corridor, alert and silent.

With a sure and precise gesture, he lowered his infrared vision goggles and saw, with a grave mine, the corpses of his team members fallen under the bullets of one man: John Wick.

A barely audible noise caught the attention of Officer Banning, who had just enough time to bend down before a bullet hit the wall where, a few seconds earlier, Mike’s head had been.

The agents swore between his teeth. It was a close call! Banning, the new director of the Secret Service, had almost been fooled!

A silhouette stood out of the dark, damp, dirty corridor and raised a gun to Mike who, without wasting a moment, grabbed the attacker’s arm and tried to make him drop the weapon.

The two men fell to the ground and a fierce struggle began for control of the weapon.

Mike had to admit that John Wick, who was good with weapons, was an equally formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

He had realized this during his quest against Jenning where John had been a valuable asset and ally.

Mike kicked John in the stomach and threw him against a wall in the distance.

He stood up straight, and so did John. The two men stared at each other for a long time, gauging each other and watching for any opening.

At the same time, the two fighters each drew a knife whose blade gleamed in the semi-darkness, and they never took their eyes off each other, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

Mike thought about his fallen men, the fact that John was only wearing a suit and infrared glasses and that his reputation and that of the Secret Service was at stake.

« You won’t get through, » said the agent, staring at his opponent.  For once, the Baba Yaga will fail to fulfill a contract. After I kill you, I will personally go and teach your Lex Luthor that he can’t touch POTUS with impunity. »

John remained impassive under Banning’s tirade and advancing with a feline and lethal grace, he announced:

« I have nothing against you, Mike. I’ve fulfilled my contract. I’m done. Give it up. »

Mike’s breath was taken away. He would have failed in his mission to protect POTUS? How did he fail?

It was inconceivable!

In a cry of rage and wounded pride, Banning threw himself on John.

« -Be sure I will avenge him!  » said the agent, parrying a stab from Wick.

Blood was spilled and the flesh on both sides was cut deeply. The moment arrived when John found himself in a position identical to that famous night in Italy when Cassian had immobilized him in an iron grip.

Mike, seeing that his opponent was struggling and could not free himself, held his iron fist and said, clenching his teeth :

« Surrender. Admit defeat. It’s inevitable. I have won this… »

The appearance of Ben, in his pajamas and with his arms folded, interrupted Mike who froze like a kid caught at fault.

John stopped struggling. The two fighters stared at Benjamin Asher, ex-President of the United States, who was looking at them with a bored expression on his face.

« Seriously, Mike? Rain and thunder? « said Ben, as he watched the lightning tear through a dark and cloudy sky.


One month earlier, in New York :

The Avengers and their families, as well as thier entire friends, were enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon around a barbecue.

Mike, in jeans and a T-shirt, was scanning Tony’s huge property and surroundings with a critical and professional eye.

His green eyes invariably came back to Ben, who, peaceful and relaxed, was chatting and laughing with Steve, Tony, Pepper and Natasha.

Lucifer helped Dan cook the hamburgers perfectly while Michael, assisted by Laura and Leah, channeled the energetic Joseph, Nathaniel and Lynne.

The Lang-Barton children, with the exception of teenage girls Cassie and Lilah, played with Trixie. Scott, an enthusiastic father, sometimes participated in his children’s games.

Bruce and Stephen exchanged ideas on topics whose complexity and scholarly jargon gave Mike a headache.

Garthan, Timot, Jonathan Archer and Stevie were in a group with T’challa, Everett and Shuri talking about the upcoming launch of the spacecraft Enterprise.

Mike and Ben had been invited to the event that would take place in a week’s time at Wakanda.

Clint, Francis and Bucky talked about their common passion with John and Santino: weapons.

Wick’s dog, faithful and placid, stood at the feet of the young Italian.

The sovereign of a state at the head of the most powerful army in the world, two billionaires, a former president…

Having so many powerful and influential men in the same place on the same day was a nightmare for any bodyguard.

Mike was wondering if the perimeter had been secured.

 « Don’t worry, Mike, » said Steven, who sat down with the new Director of Secret Service. The place is perfectly secure, thanks to Wakanda’s technology and Friday. Tony assigned the IA to monitor the property. Relax. »

Saying this, the young blond man handed Mike a beer which the latter, tempted to refuse out of reflex, ended up accepting. Mike was on leave so he could spend time with Ben and their children. He could drink a beer.

Dan called everyone to the table and no one was asked to sit down, knowing Lucifer’s reputation as a fine cook.

In the middle of the meal, Tony raised a debate that enthralled the clan of fans.

« -Agent 47 versus John Mac Clane, » the billionaire said, pensively. Who would win?

-Mike Banning, said Steven, who admired the loyalty and bravery of the super agent. He saved the President twice. Alone against an army each time.

-I’ll bet my money on Hitman, » Tony replied. He survived an armada of professional killers. Baba Yaga is more subtle and devious… »

Steve, Lucifer and the two Clints agreed with Tony while Stevie, Natasha and Everett argued that Mike could only win the duel.

Mike and John said nothing, refraining from intervening and listening, stunned and dumbfounded by their supporters’ arguments.

Santino was content to cough every time an argument in John’s favor was advanced and refuted.

The debate was about to drag on when Timot, who had previously been on the sidelines of the conversation, in agreement with his soul mate Jonathan, intervened:

« There is a way to decide between them. And in a peaceful and playful way. »

All eyes turned to Mike and John who still hadn’t said a word. Ben saw a familiar glow in his spouse’s eyes.

He understood that what Timot was proposing would not stay in the gaming business for Mike for long.


Present Moment :

Benjamin Asher, forty-fifth President of the United States and spouse of Mike Banning, national hero and director of the Secret Service, gazed exasperated and annoyed at the two men frozen on the ground.

With one gesture, he made the wind, rain, lightning, corpses and the corridor disappear, along with the weapons and knives. The holograms left place to the room of simulation of game and virtual training created and installed by Timot Danlen.

The young man was eager to offer the best of technology to Mike to thank him for giving the information that led to his and Santino’s rescue.

But with Mike’s solemn promise not to divulge the secrets of this technology. The astounding and incredible realism of the holograms had won the agent’s enthusiastic support.

 » -I was going to win this round, Babe! protested Mike, frustrated by not being able to finish his game. I was going to avenge POTUS… « 

Ben raised an eyebrow, doubtful.

« You were especially going to avenge your ego, he affirmed, by consulting the data on the holographic screen. Apparently, John leads three rounds to two. »

Mike stood up, mumbling:

« We’d be even if you hadn’t interrupted us, honey. Every session I learn and perfect my fighting technique. »

He turned to John and reached out his hand. The two men exchanged a manly and friendly handshake.

« Tomorrow night, as usual? « asked Mike, eager to continue his game.

John glanced sharply in Ben’s direction and said :

« We’ll see. »

On these words, he disconnected and his hologram disappeared.

« Tomorrow evening, it’s a charity gala, » Ben recalled, in an uncompromising tone. It’s either that or the couch for a week. »

It was in those rare moments when Ben showed his unwavering determination that Mike remembered that he had married a politician and one of the leaders of the free world.

Little enthusiastic about the prospect of a week of chastity, he gave in to the desires of his significant other.

« -Okay, baby. « Mike accepted, wrapping Ben in his arms.

He sniffed, savoring the smell and warmth of his beloved husband with his eyes closed. The next evening, a gala and maybe a game session if they didn’t stay out too late.

Mike would have to call John to arrange a schedule. He had a revenge to take, for God’s sake!

« Don’t even think about it, » Mike warned Ben, who had guessed his super agent’s intentions.  Or you might consider taking a month-long vow of chastity. »

Mike had to accept his defeat, mortified and horrified by his husband’s threat. 

« Do you want your trophy for your two victories? » Ben said, in a suggestive and seductive tone and with a kiss that inflamed Mike’s senses. Follow me, my hero. »

Mike, being nothing but desire, eagerly followed his husband.


John took off his coveralls and folded them up and put them in the cupboard provided for that purpose. He left his virtual playroom and joined Santino, who was sitting on the living room couch petting their dog.

« Good evening? « asked the Italian, looking at his companion.

John sat down next to Santino and hugged him, holding him tightly.

« Yes, » replied the former killer, peacefully.

He placed a light kiss on Santino’s cheek and Santino had an imperceptible smile of happiness.

The end.

On 14/11/20


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